How Long Do I Have to File My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Every state has statutes (legislatively enacted legal rules) that provide deadlines for filing lawsuits.  These statutes are called “statutes of limitation.”  Statutes of limitation are primarily designed to force plaintiffs to be diligent in pursuing valid legal claims and to ensure that relevant evidence is not lost or destroyed due to the passage of time.  [...]

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Comparative Fault in Nevada

Comparative negligence or “comparative fault” can be asserted as a defense to a claim of negligence (personal injury claim).   If the doctrine applies, it will operate to reduce the amount of money damages a plaintiff can recover from the defendant.  The reduction will be based on the percentage of fault assigned to the plaintiff.  In [...]

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What Damages Can a Personal Injury Victim Recover

Once a plaintiff is able to establish that the wrongful conduct of another caused the plaintiff “damages,” the law permits the plaintiff to recover for his or her losses.  There are many categories of “damages” that a personal injury plaintiff may be entitled to.  The Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers at The Hayes Law Firm [...]

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