Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accident

There are few things as frightful as being involved in a motorcycle accident.  As one would expect, there are many ways a motorcycle accident can occur.   However, it is noteworthy, most of the time motorcycle accidents are not caused by the rider.  Statistics indicate that the majority of motorcycle accidents occur due to the inattention of other operators of vehicles.  Other motorists either claim not to have seen the motorcycle or fail to realize a motorcycle is present until it is too late.  Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles on the roadway and therefore have a different profile than other types of vehicles.  Motorcycles have low visibility which causes accidents.  There are other concerns for the motorcycle rider like heavy traffic, darkness, bad weather and blind spots.  All the above, causes difficulty for other motorists to see motorcycles on the roadway. Motorcycle accidents come in many forms.  The following is a list of the type of motorcycle accidents that can occur:

  • changing lanes without insuring a motorcycle rider is in the vehicles blind spot;
  • failure to pay attention by a motorist rear ending a motorcycle;
  • violating traffic laws in the State of Nevada;
  • making a turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle without regard for proper distant;
  • failure to yield the right-of-way to the motorcycle; and/or
  • opening car doors without checking to see if a motorcycle is approaching.

Motorcycle riders are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to being protected from injuries occurring when riding a motorcycle.  Absent wearing a helmet, there is very little a motorcycle rider can do to protect his/her self from injuries that can occur when riding a motorcycle.  It is not uncommon, and tragic, that motorcycle riders often sustain fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Riders of motorcycles are substantially more likely to sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident than individuals riding in a car or truck.  Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to sustain fatal injuries than their counterparts riding in cars or trucks.  These serious injuries are commonly due to the motorcycle riders lack of protection beyond wearing a helmet.  There is no protection around the motorcycle that protects the rider during a crash like exists with cars or trucks.  Case in point, motorcycle riders do not have airbags, or seatbelts.  There is also stability issues in play to maintain control when one considers a two-wheel vehicle rather than a four-wheel.  An examination of the above in total demonstrates that motorcycle accidents are more likely to cause serious and even fatal injuries to the rider.

Many motorcycle riders are propelled from their motorcycle upon impact with another vehicle.  As a result, the motorcycle rider may hit another vehicle, a stationary object or the roadway beneath him/her.  Accordingly, injuries to the motorcycle rider may occur during the initial impact, and if airborne, again when the rider hits a solid surface.  As a result of the motorcycle rider having little protection other than a helmet, the rider commonly suffers catastrophic injuries, including the following:

  • fatal injuries;
  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • foot, ankle, knee, hip, leg and other fractures;
  • spine breaks and spinal cord injuries; and/or
  • amputations

Injuries to the lower extremities and broken bones are the common result of motorcycle accidents.  However, a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury are more grievous, severe and debilitating.  The more grave of these debilitating injuries can result in paralysis and even death.  The type of injuries just described can forever alter the quality of life for a motorcycle rider.

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