It depends.We have represented clients whose cases are resolved within a few months of the subject incident and represented clients, where appeals are involved, that do not conclude for 6 or 7 years after the subject incident.  There are many variables that can impact the duration of a personal injury case.  Variables such as the duration of your treatment, the reasonableness of the claims manager, the number of applicable insurance policies, the number of professionals you must see concerning future damages and, of course, the complexity of the litigation if filing suit is necessary.

Please understand that if/when your case is delayed for one or more of the foregoing reasons, it is most likely a good thing as it means your attorneys are fighting to get you the maximum settlement possible.  Here at The Hayes Law Firm we promise to maintain constant communication with you so you are always aware of the status of your case.  We are not in the business of securing quick settlements; we are in the business of securing you the highest settlement possible.

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