Yes.  Nevada, like all other states, has a statute setting forth time limitation periods to file personal injury claims.  Such statutes are commonly referred to as “statutes of limitation.”  Nevada’s statutes of limitation provide the following deadlines to file various personal injury claims.  The statutes require that a lawsuit be filed (versus a claim being submitted or a law firm being hired) to satisfy the deadline.

Negligence claims (car/truck/motorcycle/pedestrian accident, premises liability claims (slip/trip and falls),Value 2 Years
Intentional Torts (assault & battery) 2 Years
Wrongful Death 2 Years
Defamation (slander & libel) 2 Years
Trespass 3 Years
Medical Malpractice 3 Years (can be shorter)
Property Damage 3 Years (can be shorter)
Defective Products 4 Years

The date that one of the foregoing timeframes begins to run starts on the date of the subject event that caused the injuries.  Sometimes, exceptions exist to extend the timeframe.  The personal injury attorneys at The Hayes Law Firm are waiting to answer any questions you may have about filing deadlines (“limitation issues”) in your case. 

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